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Here is a list of resources that I use, or have used, in my online life as a blogger, and digital marketer. The only reason I don’t use some of them now is I’ve invested in some premium software and services that suit my particular needs better. (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Office etc)

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Recommended Resources


A free audio editor and recorder.


Free Antivirus Software for PC, Mac and Android


A free online tool to view how your website look in various browsers.


Free downloadable software that lets you record all screen & audio activity on your computer and create video files.


Free downloadable software that optimizes Windows, improves privacy and speeds up your PC. It removes unwanted files, quickly cleans cookies and browser history.

Down For Everyone

If your site isn’t loading is it because of problems with just your Internet Service Provider or for everyone? This free online tool that checks if your site is down for everyone.


A secure, online, file sharing and storage program. Sync files from your computer or mobile device. The pro versions allow more disk space and sharing features.


Helps you stay organized. Create Task Lists, clip from anywhere on the web, share and discuss with others, sync across phones and computers. The basic version is free although you do get points towards upgrading by inviting friends. The paid versions give you more space and more features. With the Premium version you can turn your notes into presentations.

File Converter

A service provided by Nitro to convert to and from different file formats. (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF). Upload a file and get the converted file emailed to you for free. All converter resources can be accessed through one of the converter sites because all go to the same URL. For example go to the PDF To Word converter and use the drop down menu to choose what you want file format to convert from and to what to.

File Renaming: Bulk Rename Utility

A lightweight downloadable free Windows program for renaming files in bulk. Excellent for jobs renaming images so they go in order in galleries or just to make it easier to find files.


An open source File Transfer Program (FTP) for uploading files to your host server and downloading from your server for file backup or editing.

Get Response

My choice of autoresponder because of the large variety of sign up forms and newsletter templates. Most of the autoresponders I tried only had forms suitable for sidebars rather than for landing pages and the body of blog posts. This is an affiliate link although I’m an affiliate for other premium autoresponder services, Get Response is the one I choose to advertise.

Good Sync

My dependable, set up and leave, back up and sync program. I save to an external drive and know that I always have backups in the event of problems. It’s been a life saver a number of times. I also use it to sync needed files to my laptop. There’s a free version that allows 3 backup instances and 100 file backup. The pro version is only $29.95, as of writing this, and allows unlimited usage. Well worth it for peace of mind. There are Windows and Mac versions, both desktop and portable.


Post or schedule posts to Social Media sites and get stats on your clicks. The free version restricts the number of sites/groups and pages you can post to. I now use Sociocaster instead (see below)


Free Download. An easy to use WYSIWYG HTML/CSS editor (a simpler alternative to Dreamweaver). It includes an FTP site manager.


Anti malware: Another must have program for checking for computer nasties not caught by anti-virus software. If you think you might have a problem with bugs, trojans, spyware download and run the free version of Malwarebytes. The pro version runs in the background to prevent problems happening and constantly updates. The free version comes with a 14 day free trial so you have to download it again each time you want to run the checker.


My constant companion for web snipping, writing my own notes, embedding pdfs, word docs and spreadsheets…See my posts on OneNote here. Upload to OneNote online to access from anywhere or share selected pages with others. It holds all my important information and research. There’s a free online version, stand alone paid software, or as part of Microsoft Office Suites. I much prefer it to note taking apps such as Evernote or Dropbox because it does so much more. The free online version doesn’t do as much. If you have a desktop version before Office 2016 don’t be tempted with the calls to upgrade to the newest online version. I was tempted and it was hard to completely uninstall in Windows 10.

Open Office

Open source office software that includes word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations. An alternative to Microsoft Office.

Photo editing

  • Irfanview: A free image viewer, simple editor and converter – plus more. I’ve used this as my default Windows image viewer for years now. Although I use Photoshop for image creation, I use Irfanview for quick single image, and batch, conversions to resize and optimize images for the web. It also converts images between different file formats.
  • Online editors: How to Easily Make Free Picture Quotes – A post on about online editors for quick photo editing and adding text to images.
  • Gimp : Free open source software for image creation and editing. A Photoshop alternative. Unless you are familiar with Photoshop software or the online version you may find it difficult to learn.


Comes with a free version. Because I have so many logins I use the the pro Roboform Everwhere version so I can sync to laptop, other PCs and mobile devices.


Social Media Manager. One of my favorites. Post and schedule posts to multiple social media sites, find viral posts, videos and images to share, add text to images and more. Only a one off cost, not recurring like similar social media tools which don’t have nearly as many features. See the video review here on this site: Learn More about Sociocaster


A text editor for Windows offering more advanced options than Notepad. It’s good for writing draft blog posts without worrying about pasting unneeded code into the WordPress text editor.

VLC Media Player

A free downloadable media player capable of reading most audio and video formats. The only video player I use.

Footnotes A few of the above resources are affiliate links but I’ve tried, or use, all of them. I’m only mentioning those I recommend because of quality and usefulness.

I’ll be adding more resources here as I think of them but please feel free to add your recommendations in the comments below 🙂

My best wishes for a productive and successful online business life.


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