Facebook Ads – Free Grids for 20% Text Rule

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Facebook uses a grids system to work out if Facebook Ad photos and images contain no more than the allowed 20% text. If they go over the 20% limit your ad will be rejected but you might not find this out straight away.

By 20%, Facebook means that text shouldn’t cover more than 5 squares out of the 25 on their ad grid. So that it’s easier for you to create photos or images with text for Facebook Ads, here are two transparent grid images for you to overlay over the images you’re making for ads.  You can use these to check and adjust the text you add. Just delete the grid layer once you’ve got it right. They are suitable for Photoshop or online photo editors such as Canva.

To read all about the rules for text on Facebook Ad Images, with examples, please read my post on Sueblimely.com

Free Facebook Grids Images

Click on the images below to go to the correct Facebook size images:

The first is sized 940px X 744px the same size Canva uses for Facebook Posts. This is the size you need for linking to posts, rather than uploading an image.

Facebook Grids 940px x 788px

The second image is 800px x 800px, the ideal size when you upload an image to your timeline. It’s the same size Canva uses when you choose the “Social Media” image option.

Grids for Facebook 800px x 800px