Big List of Facebook Fanpage Post Ideas

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Here’s a list of Facebook Fanpage Post Ideas to help you increase engagement, likes and the number of people your updates are shown to. Posting the right type of post on your Facebook Fanpage has a huge influence on its popularity.

It’s important to regularly post a variety of different types of message. It depends on your topic as to how effective they are. Your Facebook stats will help you work out your strategy as to which type of messages work best and how often you post them.

Facebook Fanpage Post Ideas

Facebook Fanpage Post Ideas

  1. Share inspiring images
  2. Ask a question
  3. Use Social Proof to indicate the popularity of a post, product, resource or tip. Examples: (Expert name) recommends …,(90%) of people like/buy/agree …. Everyone is talking about …
  4. “Fill in the blank” posts
  5. Post videos
  6. Post gif images but only if your audience appreciates them.
  7. Links to giveaways – yours or other peoples
  8. Links to promo codes and discounted products – even if you’re not an affiliate.
  9. Run a contest if your topic allows for it.
  10. Host or link to a relevant online or offline event.
  11.   Run a Facebook Poll
  12. Share posts from the popular people that your page likers will be interested in.
  13. Share expert tips
  14. Seasonal posts such as “I wish you a Happy New Year”
  15. Give your opinion in a way that encourages answers.
  16. Posts that require a simple yes/no answer
  17. Cross promotion. Get together with another business and agree to share some of each others posts.
  18. Links to Tutorials
  19. Messages that include “How to”
  20. Post about trending topics, if relevant to your page.
  21. Miss out some information that will compel readers to click on a link or ask you a question.
  22. Linking to blog posts shared by the author on FB, rather than directly to the blog site.
  23. Share something personal, but not too personal.
  24. Post Selfies or group photos.
  25. Messages that fill a need – If you’re linking to a blog post personalise the message, don’t just add the post title. Ask yourself why someone might need this information and post accordingly.
  26. Use “killer/compelling headlines”.
  27. Messages that make people think they’re missing out, or will have problems, if they don’t take the action you’re recommending (buy a product, reading a blog post …) These are known as “Threat Headlines” I really dislike that name 🙂
  28. Gain messages – state what the benefits are.
  29. Where-ever you can, add images, to make your posts stand out. Example: a question post – add an image of question mark(s) or add the question text to a background image.


  • Facebook prefers keeping people on Facebook. Consider linking to other Facebook content from others, or to tabs and notes on your own page.
  • Don’t overly promote – Unless you are really popular, I believe that the 80/20 rule is too much for Facebook. Maybe try one promotional post for 10 non-promotional.
  • Don’t ask for shares or likes in your messages.
  • Facebook blog links auto posted from your blog can be customized using Yoast SEO. You can add a title and description different to your post title and meta description and add a Facebook sized image.
  • Like the pages of social media superstars on Facebook and follow their post formulas.
  • Always be aware and on the look out for popular messages posted by friends and pages you like.

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